Soft/Hard presented new work by Kasie Campbell. The work was supported by The Edmonton Arts Council and the City of Edmonton. The sculptures that were shown were created during Campbell's residency with the Edmonton Arts Council and the City of Edmonton at Kennedale Facility.

Campbell utilizes materials traditionally associated to women and craft combined with industrial materials, drawing on the functions of Kennedale facility and the collaborative nature of the residency. The work is presented in a space that is aesthetically and historically connected to the work. As a woman sculptor working in a material that is particularly dominated by men, Campbell's work resonates with the buildings history. For some time, The Great Western Garment Company created employment and empowerment for women in this community, however, wages were low and women working in the clothing's trade, were present as unskilled or less skilled then men. 

The beautiful and the grotesque that is apparent in Campbell's work adds layers and meaning in its connection to Boyle Street Community. The building is culturally rich and attractive and yet is often perceived as decrepit or useless. 

Photo Credit: Manpreet Singh