We Are Revealed deals with the anxieties and vulnerabilities that I experience when I’ve become the object of someone else’s gaze. The costume that is worn for the duration of the performative installation, manipulates the emblematic nature of clothing and skin; poetically deeming its own connotations of what is attractive and repulsive. As the work continues to evolve and as I spend more time wearing the costumes, I have come to understand it as a manifestation of my anxieties in physical form. The work speaks directly to the paradoxical attractions and simultaneous tensions between what could be defined as beautiful or grotesque. The performance utilizes a formula for movement based on personal experience and anxiety in certain social situations. The non-vocal dialogue that occurs between the viewers and the performer is responsible in generating the performance. The work relies on the audience; using the spectators as a crutch, which in turn frees myself from any responsibility of my actions. 

This project is supported by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts 

Images of performances that took place weekly for the month of October of 2016 at MileZero Dance in Edmonton, AB


Schaulust being performed on the University of Alberta Campus, 2015


Schaulust being performed at the Bachelor of Fine Arts Grad Show, in studio and Rutherford Library in Edmonton AB (2015)